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First impressions made simple for the on-the-go professional. 


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Every Home Has a Story To Tell


Breezy Beach House

Make Waves

Light our Coconut Grove Candle and bring the salt life indoors.

family Farm House

Inspire Dreams

Welcome home buyers into their dream kitchen with our Brown Butter Cookie Candle that smells good enough to eat.


Our fragrances are uniquely blended to help you sell your home and leave your clients raving.

Our proprietary soy wax blend changes the scent story of large and small rooms alike, without being overwhelming.

Our travel tins cool down quickly, making it easy to throw them in your bag after an open house.


The travel tins worked great for my open house.  I will be buying more.

Melanie R.

They're awesome!  I got three candles and I've been burning the first one night and day since I got it.  The scent doesn't get overwhelming, like other candles do.  Best of all, it doesn't affect my allergies.  I want to try them all!

Jan D.

Smells amazing and is a great size. 10/10 I HIGHLY recommend

Kenzie M.

My partner swears by these candles so I had to get my own.  The quality is so much better than the $40 candles I've been buying online.  They don't smoke and they make great gifts for closing too.

Lawrence A.

I ordered custom candles to give as closing gifts.  Not only did they turn out better than expected, but Closing Candles were so helpful to work with.  A pleasant experience.  I would recommend it to anyone.

Tom D.

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